Do you have personal development time?

We’re all busy.  I get it.  So much going on.  So many errands to run.  So many things to do around the house.  BUT…are you taking time each day to do a bit of personal development?

Nothing is more important then personal development.  The best way to improve your life, your relationships, yes even your income, is to spend at least a few minutes a day doing something personal development related, whether it be reading a book or listening to an audio/video recording.

Let’s use this blog post to educate ourselves on who some of your favorite personal development sources are.  Here’s a few of mine:

Business: Jim Rohn (improve yourself), Gary Vaynerchuk (passion)

Spiritual: Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen

Meditation:, The Secret/Law of Attraction

Please post your favorites as a reply.  Consider my list as a starting point that can use a lot of growth.  Have a great day!



Monday afternoon ramblings…

Lots going on today, so I’ll do this rapid fire style.

  • WWE Legend The Big Bossman will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next month.  Very well deserved honor (although I’m still holding out hope that Leon White, aka Vader, joins this years class).
  •  Peyton Manning retired today after 18 years in the NFL.  He said on stage that he had done everything in the NFL that he wanted to do.  Almost true, he never beat the Colts (although he only played them once, so I’ll let it slide).  No mention of doing everything in college that he wanted to do.  Makes since because he was 0-4 against Florida (Go Gators!).
  • Maria Sharapova stunned us all with her announcement that she had failed a drug test at the Australian Open earlier this year.  Turns out a medicine she had been taking for 10 years was declared illegal by the tennis gods and she didn’t know about it because she didn’t read an email she had received about it.  Moral of the story — when the tennis gods send you an email, read it!
  • Spring is in the air!  Well, at least it is here in Florida.  Want to experience something truly empowering.  Do a bit of spring cleaning, fill up a bag/box with old stuff, and haul it out.  Nothing more awesome then seeing junk go bye bye!
  • March Madness starts next week.  Probably going to be a no pressure event for me this time around because Florida probably won’t be in it.  Works for me!  I’ll post my ESPN bracket in a future blog post so you can laugh at my misery, er bracket as the tournament progresses.

That’s plenty for you to digest for now.  Enjoy your Monday! (yes, we are allowed to enjoy Mondays).


From the Archives: My Favorite Advertising Sources (Traffic Swirl)

Originally written in 2013, this post holds as true today as it did back then.  I made one or two minor tweaks, but nothing major.   This is the final of several related posts. 

I’m going to write a series of blog posts on some of my favorite places where I do my promoting.  The advertising source that I am featuring in this blog is Traffic Swirl, owned and operated by John Bell.

Traffic Swirl features:

  • High quality traffic delivery — Traffic Swirl has one of the best conversion rates of the traffic exchanges that I use
  • Fun — Traffic Swirl features a different game each day of the week to make surfing fun such as the “shell game” and the “guess the secret agent game” along with the ongoing “rapid win game” where you can win a prize every 5 minutes!
  • Creativity — Traffic Swirl features a point system where users can be rewarded for various tasks such as surfing, promotion, referring new members, and finding a very rare and special page in the surf (picture of a detective).
  • Competition — Traffic Swirl features weekly tournaments where you are matched up against another surfer where you have a chance to get even more rewards by winning.  Tournaments currently run Tuesdays through Saturdays.

If you’re interested into looking into Traffic Swirl, here’s the link:

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From the Archives: My Favorite Advertising Sources (Kinder Rash Marketing)

Originally written in 2013, this post holds as true today as it did back then.  I made one or two minor tweaks, but one major tweak is the addition of Dragon Surf which was not part of the original post.   This is one of several related posts.  The others will follow in time.

I’m going to write a series of blog posts on some of my favorite places where I do my promoting.  The advertising sources that I am featuring in this blog are Tezak Traffic Power, Traffic Splash, Fast Easy Traffic, and Dragon Surf — owned and operated by Kinder Rash Marketing (Paul Kinder, Tim Rash, and Tony Tezak).

  • Tezak Traffic Power — Widely known and respected in the traffic exchange industry, Tezak Traffic Power features something I’ve never seen in any traffic exchange before…list ads.  These allow auto-responder code to be hooked in (their support staff is ready to assist with this, if needed) so that you can grow your list.  Tezak Traffic Power brings you quality traffic in no less than eleven, yes ELEVEN different ways and you know this is laser-targeted traffic because we are a membership site absolutely jam-packed full of internet marketers looking to earn online just like YOU! (Source: Tezak Traffic Power home page)
  • Traffic Splash — When you see Flipper, you instantly think of Traffic-Splash!  Traffic-Splash is a simple to use Advertising Program that allows you get started in just minutes.  Traffic-Splash offers you free and/or paid advertising providing you with fast, top quality traffic and excellent Customer-is-King service.  Our simple three-way advertising system makes us an excellent solution for your advertising needs.  Traffic-Splash is a Family Friendly Manual Traffic Exchange. No HYIP sites, no PTP sites, no Autosurfs.  Traffic-Splash is already top ranked by Affiliate Funnel Surfers Choice, Hit Exchange News and Traffic Hoopla and is growing fast with 118411 members already.  (source: Traffic Splash home page)
  • Fast Easy Traffic — You get fast traffic: our members are hungry to see your site!  You get easy traffic: our system is so simple to use you can start generating free traffic just a couple of minutes after you join.  You get free traffic: it costs absolutely nothing to join! (source:  Fast Easy Traffic home page)
  • Dragon Surf — Get your links in front of hordes of real people the easy way!  Grab your free Dragon Surf membership today and experience for yourself why people are raving about the traffic and results they get from Dragon Surf! (source: Dragon Surf home page)

Three outstanding traffic exchanges that deserve a look!  If you’d like to check them out, sign up at:

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From the Archives: My Favorite Advertising Sources (Timtech)

Originally written in 2013, this post holds as true today as it did back then.  I made one or two minor tweaks, but nothing major.   This is one of several related posts.  The others will follow in time.

I’m going to write a series of blog posts on some of my favorite places where I do my promoting.  The advertising source that I am featuring in this blog is four traffic exchanges that are owned and operated by Timtech (Justin Ledvina, Jon Olson, and Tim Linden).  In alphabetical order:

  • I Love Hits — originally owned by Jon Olson, it was merged into the Timtech family when Jon joined Timtech.  I Love Hits features Effective Advertising, Social Surfing At It’s Best, Superior Customer Service, Hundreds of New Members Every Week, and Instant URL Approval and Account Activation (Source: I Love Hits home page)
  • Startxchange — originally owned by Tim Linden.  StartXchange brings the power of traffic exchanges together with social networking to empower you to build your business to new heights! Swap traffic and business with real people from around the world.  Business online is no longer about how many page views you can get, but how many people are loyal to you. It’s all about real relationships and real fans!  StartXchange helps you expand your reach in this social atmosphere by bringing new people into your corner of the web. They’re just like you, people looking for others to exchange traffic with. (Source: Startxchange home page)
  • Sweeva — created by Timtech.  This is a brand new concept in web site advertising where EVERYONE views the same site at the exact same time. We call it social browsing and we know you are going to love it! You will get live feedback, live comments about what others like and don’t like about your site. And think of the potential you have when you get in contact with those viewers and address their concerns personally. The possibilities for network growth are endless… (Source:  Sweeva home page)
  • Thumbvu — created originally by John Guanzon and then purchased by Timtech.  This site has a special place in my heart because I was a beta tester both at the time of original creation as well as refurbished when purchased by Timtech.  Our of the four sites, this one is my favorite both because of beta testing and because it is my best site for conversion results.    ThumbVu is a brand new concept in web site promotion and social marketing. We have flipped the concept of promotion and focused on YOU, the marketer. Programs and services come and go, but a personal brand lasts a lifetime. So why not focus on YOU first and network with like minded entrepreneurs, build your social awareness and grow your brand with ThumbVu. It’s awesome. It’s easy. And it’s a lot of fun. (Source: Thumbvu home page)

Four amazing sites that can help you promote any business.  I’ll include my links below so you can check them out.  If you cannot click on a link, you should be able to right click then open it.

NOTE:  For my  advertising, I use a variety of pages to advertise so that I can determine which method is most effective:

  • A page provided by Empower Network
  • A splash page I design myself
  • A squeeze page designed by myself that includes a video

If you aren’t getting the desired results in your advertising, try different things like that and see where you get your best results.  Don’t be afraid to try new things!

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From the Archives: What the heck is a “Twitter Expert” anyways?

3/3/2016 — I Decided to give the blog a long-overdue reboot.  Going to start with a previous post about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart….Twitter…enjoy!

I keep hearing from somewhere that I’m a Twitter expert.  No clue where (*COUGH Jon Olson *COUGH*)…..really, no idea.  But seriously, what makes a Twitter expert?

1.  Use Twitter correctly — Follow people.  Talk to them.  Engage them in mini-conversations.  Share information with them, such as your blog and (once you get to know them) information about your business.  If you follow me (swhomebiz) and send me a tweet saying hello, I will follow you back and reply to your tweet.   Promise!

2.  Don’t use Twitter incorrectly — Be professional (Do I REALLY need to go into that?). Don’t spam.  Don’t go crazy with a bunch of auto-tweets from sites (examples include pages viewed and, yes, badges claimed)

Special note about the auto tweets (and this may ruffle a feather or two — oh well — LOL):  Many sites only count 10 tweets a day but the functionality allows for the tweeting of more (unlimited?).  This is a HUGE disservice to the Twitter community as it clutters up our pages and Twitter users tend to unfollow those who tweet them excessively (well, at least one does).  As for badge tweets — same thing.  I know companies mean well, but they are taking away from the Twitter experience as well for the same reason.  A suggestion I will make for the badges is to allow only badges found for the first time to be tweeted.  Does anyone really care that I found the “XYZ site surf 50 badge” for the 88th time?  As Ebe-Stephen Scrooge would say – “Nah”.

Anyways, that’s my “Twitter 101”.  I’ve already done a video which I have in rotation.  If WordPress will let me, I’ll use the “post a link” function to put my Twitter video up here in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Twitter’s easy.  Keep it that way.  Just my two cents.  I’d love to hear from you.